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My Story

Me at the race track with my BMW M3. I was the youngest guy there who wasn't driving an old Japanese car. Anyone with half a decent car had grey hair. 

Ever since I was young child I have always loved cars. My parents tell me stories about when I was 2 I’d be happiest standing on the drivers chair and pretending to drive.


I've always loved cars.


When I was two years old my parents would often take me to my happy place; which was standing on the drivers seat of our family Suzuki. 


I had a collection of replica model cars and hot wheels throughout my childhood. Even all my video games were racing simulators. 


During my university career, what kept me through my boring yet rigorous school work was the light at the end of the tunnel which was me buying my 400 horsepower Bavarian hot rod. I even had a keychain of the E39 M5 to constantly remind me.


However once I graduated from school and started my career, all the financial pundits and my personal goals to build real wealth shut down those dreams pretty quickly.


I'd always hear things like:


"Buy the car that gets you from point A to point B"




"Cars are the worst investment you can make, drive a clunker!"


I fell for this dogma. I didn't drive the car that I wanted and saved the money instead so I could one day grow old and then finally be “allowed” to own a BMW M3.


At the same time, I’d notice others my age driving the cars that I’d hope to drive when I was 60 years old and it left me wondering how they could afford it.


Were they really successful at a young age?




Terrible with their money?


High Possibility.


Knew something I didn’t?


That was what I was going to find out.


So my business partner and I went on our search to figure out how they could do it and then we came upon the buy-hold-sell method and using depreciation to your advantage. 


From that Wheelin' N' Dealin' was born.


We made our mistakes and hope you can learn from them so you can save yourself years and thousands of dollars. 



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